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It's my pleasure to work with different skillful and friendly people, since my long jorney in the IT service sector started. I improved my skills significantly, through long-term experience with administrating heterogeneous networks for different companies. As ambitious allrounder in administrating, planning and maintaining active directory, Microsoft server os since 2003, server running several linux distributions like Debian, Redhat or Ubuntu, firewall appliances, storage appliances, different virtualisation plattforms, I still like to work with those system and learn every day. Creating and extending network documentation, patchmanagement as rollout for hard-, and software is a big part of my job. On premise and cloud solutions as several additional helpers, you may find nowadays in a modern network infrastructures, are extremly helpful to improve the efficiency of an modern system administrator. Beside the administrative technical part of my job, user helpdesk is what I love to do sice ages.

In the beginning, webdesign was my personal hobby. To design a website has a huge impact for me. CMS is the buzzword for one of my passions. My small business is doing well. I helped different companies to run a modern, responsive website. Designing the intranet site, for the company I'm actual working for, was my pleasure. This step allowed us digitalising the old fashioned bulltein board. A benifit was way faster announcements accessable for every employee.

Check out my new website, for additional information about webdesign. Furthermore you can find my webdesign reference page under following link. There is always room for improvement. Send me a message and I will get in touch with you asap.


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    "Love IT? Do IT!"

    Sven Suchan

    Passion for technologies since 1995 - driven by emotions.

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