About Me

Due my career as IT-Professional, I was lucky to meet many skilled tech guys and learned much about many different technologies as a fact that many roads are leading to Rome. Attention some tech information follows, so if you are not an enthusiast you can skip this paragraph I guess. Many years of experience of administration heterogenic networks, Microsoft Active Directory as maintainer and structure the basics for easier administration of organization units, users as workstations and servers.

Beside creating Network documentation, administration of Server with Microsoft Operating Systems as many different Linux Distributions, Firewall Appliances, Patch management and rollout of hard as software with cloud or on premise solutions I like to work with people too.

In my private free time beside my family, I have a passion for CMS Systems, photography and single board computers like raspberry pi. Those are really handsome, small, and efficient in costs as doing an outstanding job.

I did realized a dozen of web projects for business as personal web sites, did set up and customized web shops and still looking forward for the next job has to get done.

If you have any questions or recommendation drop me a message I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Sven Suchan

Birthday: 29.09.1979
Living in: Gütersloh, Germany

Job: IT-Professional

Second Job: Father and Web Designer.

Multilingual Talents: I do speak mainly german, but it's possible to communicate with me in english, russian as in polish too somehow. Well at least after one or two piwo i guarantee! Cheers.


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